"Metre by Metre" early access & end credit shoutout

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In an effort to raise funds for the "Metre by Metre" episodes that will follow the athletes and teams throughout the CFTL's inaugral season, the CTFL is providing early access to all episodes and a shoutout during the end-credits. 

Metre by Metre will consist of at least two, twenty minute episodes or more (depending on funding) giving fans a behind the scenes look into the mindset of athletes during pre and post-race interviews. In order to make this happen, the CTFL is attempting to raise funds necessary to bring the project to life.

There are three packages:

1. End-credit shoutout where you will be able to see your name at the end of each episode.

2. Early-access pass to the CTFL Metre by Metre episodes. This will be sent to the recipients email a minimum of three days prior to it being aired for the public. In addition, there will be exclusive bonus content for this package.

3. This package includes the end-credit shoutout as well as early access pass to all "Metre by Metre" episodes for the 2022 season. This package also includes the bonus content for fans.