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Be one of the ten partial General Managers for the Spitfires. With this position, you will be able to impact the history of the CTFL. Have a say in who gets drafted, traded, and how the league is shaped. No experience is required, fans, athletes, coaches are all welcome to manage their favourite team. Now is your chance to take control of how your team is run, while having the power to call the shots. 

Note: Your preferred contact email is required as this is how the CTFL will contact you with news and provide you with the tools necessary to help build your team. The CTFL will send a document confirming your purchase and welcoming you to your team. 


Partial General Managers (GMs) will be one of ten for their team. The first objective is drafting your team. Prior to the CTFL's second entry draft, GMs will receive a list of all registered athletes in the prospect pool. From there you create a draft board using the provided excel sheet (which the CTFL will provide), whereby you rank the athletes in what order you'd like to see them drafted by your team. These draft boards will be given to GM's two weeks prior to the draft which will be held in late March or early April. Draft boards need to be completed on March 8th before the entry draft. Upon submission, all of your team's GMs draft boards will be taken and averaged to determine your team's desired pick order for athletes.

We are trying to make it as easy and fun for general managers. As a such ,general manager will be given statistics on the prospect pool so you can make an educated decision without needing to do any external research. Statistics will be aspects such as athlete name, gender, primary event, 2020 or 2021 seasons bests, IAAF points associated with those seasons bests, and more.

Throughout the season, you will see your team compete as they attempt to win both individual and team prizes. 

At the end of the season, GMs will be able to release and trade athletes with other teams for a designated period of time. A GM can put forth a potential trade to their fellow GMs that must be agreed upon by seventy percent of the team's GMs in order to be sent to the other team. Once a team has sent the trade offer, the receiving team will also hold a vote in which seventy percent of the team's GMs must agree. At that point the trade would be completed. GMs will have one week to vote on a trade. If a GM does not use their vote, it will not be counted and the voting will proceed without them. The trade window will be specified later on in the season. All trades are subject to nullification if the CTFL deems them to be disproportionality one sided or poses a threat to the league's continuation. 

Lastly, GMs will be given the opportunity to vote on some of the league's decisions throughout the season as well as release athletes if they finished between 9th and 12th in their primary core event or finihsed below 40th as a Utility athlete. This will be done along side the CTFL. 

Once the season is completed, GMs will be relieved of their duties and can sign up for the 2024 partial GM positions in advance of the public release.


By signing up to be a partial GM you are able to dictate how the CTFL is run. However this is a responsibility. Partial General Manager's are not employees of the CTFL as this is a paid service. General managers are unable to win any cash prizes associated with their team.

General Managers are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. If a CTFL manager is believed to be misusing their power or not in accordance with the CTFL code of conduct, their ability to draft athletes and vote will be removed. This would translate to a transfer of power to be equally distributed amongst remaining partial general managers.  

General Managers personal information will be not released by the CTFL for privacy concerns.

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This document was last updated on December 31, 2023