Athlete Content Creation Project

CTFL's Athlete Content Creation

As the CTFL plans to drastically improve its media quality over the next few seasons, the league wants to provide the opportunity for athletes to share their stories like never before. As the CTFL platform increases in size, so will the opportunities that arise for athletes as a result. However, we as an organization would like to have athlete driven content, whether that be vlogs, social media posts, or even written blogs on their experiences both in the league as well as just generally. As such the CTFL is launching our Athlete Content Creation Project for 2023 and with it, a $500 prize for the top video in addition to some great bonuses. The league will also be working with athletes to develop their own personal brand by providing assistance with projects and fostering connections.

Athlete Content Creation Project (ACCP)

For 2023, the league is asking all interested athletes to create an 8–22 minute vlog of their 2023 CTFL season. Athletes will be asked to submit their vlog by August 20th. Following the championships all of the submitted vlogs will be released to our YouTube page for all athletes, fans and sponsors to enjoy as they get to know a bit about the athlete and their experience. Following the release of all of the submitted vlogs, fans will have the opportunity to vote on which video is their favourite in order to pick the winner of the $500 prize for the project. In addition, athletes who finish within the top three based on votes will guarantee their spot for the 2024 CTFL season regardless of finishing position.

Regardless of which athlete wins the prize money, these vlogs will be massive for all athletes looking to be sponsored for the 2024 season whether it is through the CTFL (ex. New Balance Ambassadorship or CTFL individual sponsorship) or externally.

ACCP Requirements 

The requirements for entry are simple to qualify for the contest. the requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be a CTFL athlete, with both core and utility athletes encouraged to participate
  2. The vlog/video must be 8-22 minutes long
  3. The video must be about track & field and should include at least partially how the CTFL has worked into your 2023 season
  4. The vlog must be sent into the CTFL by August 20th
  5. The vlog must not include any mature content or language in order to be published to the CTFL’s social media or YouTube pages
    • Videos will be reviewed prior to release for the public with any non-compliant videos being removed from the competition at the discretion of the CTFL


  1. The ideal length of these vlog videos should be around 18 minutes long as it provides enough content for the viewers to watch while keeping interest levels high
  2. We are ideally looking for your CTFL experience, meaning people want to see the experience starting from the registration period opening, to the draft reaction, as well as how you train and evidently how you compete in the CTFL meets
    • If it is a linear timeline, it makes it easier for people to follow your story
    • Every athlete has ups and downs, showing those sides makes for a great story and allows others to see the person behind the marks
    • Though recording yourself on your phone is great, having someone record mini-interviews post race or recording training sessions goes a long way
    • Get your teammates involved, they are all trying to built up the sport so help each other out whether it is being featured within the video or assisting a teammate out with the editing process
    • Ask for assistance from the CTFL for ideas or if you need help with editing

CTFL Athlete Content Creators

Aside from the ACCP which should be adopted by the majority of CTFL athletes, the league will be allocating resources for any athlete wishing to go above and beyond the scope of the ACCP project. Meaning that if an athlete would like to do multiple vlogs throughout the season, we will create a playlist just for them to foster their own following. Additional ideas such as creating reels or writing a small blog are amazing ideas that can easily be incorporated using the CTFL as a tool to increase exposure. The CTFL will allocate some of its resources to these athletes like merch, funding and expertise to ensure the project is successful. If this is something that interests you, please contact us via our Instagram page or email us at with your ideas.