Fundings & Benefits


As the CTFL is entering its second season, the league's compensation structure is flexible. Currently, athletes will be required to register and pay for their own meets although many meets give CTFL athletes discounts, and the championship meet is free. Secondly, a team singlet will need to be worn at all official all CTFL meets. The league will require all athletes to to wear their CTFL singlets at all CTFL competitions. The singlet will be covered by the CTFL in full and has a value of $50. At the conclusion of the season, athletes will have the option to either keep their singlets or auction them off. Athletes electing to auction their singlets off will be asked to sign the singlet. If an athlete's singlet is sold, they will get their initial 50% cost back, in addition to all of the profit made above the original cost of the singlet. Lastly, travel and accommodation will be at the expense of the athlete. However, unlike last season, we will be working to get discounts for the championship meet at local hotels or assisting athletes with team Air BnB's. Considering that under normal circumstances athletes would normally pay for these expenses themselves, we have chosen to compensate athletes through prize winnings.

The total prize fund will be $15,825. These funds will be distributed in three ways:

  • Top 3 individual core athletes per event and gender
    • 1st = $400
    • 2nd = $200
    • 3rd = $100
  • Top 6 of the utility athletes out of the 40 utility athletes
    • 1st = $250
    • 2nd = $200
    • 3rd = $150
    • 4th = $100
    • 5th = $75
    • 6th = $50
  • The championship team will win $1,000 to be distributed equally amongst its core athlete members

For core athletes, in order to be eligible for your full prize winnings, you must fulfill all the requirements (compete at one prelim and the championship at minimum if you qualify). Any failure to do so will result in your individual prize funding being reduced by 50% and the removal of any team prize money. For example, if you are a core CTFL athlete and finish 2nd but you only make it to the prelim (therefore not attending any prelim meet), your individual prize winnings will be reduced from $200 to $100. This rule does not apply to the team winnings as it will be removed wholly if any requirement is not satisfied.

In addition, the league will be announcing other opportunities for CTFL athletes to generate income such as, working with our sponsors, being compensated for signing products, potential media interviews, and other branding opportunities. 

As stated previously, all of the financial aspects are at the league's projections for what is the minimum. Hence, depending on the levels of financial support, the league will look to increase the amount of funding athletes can receive either by decreasing the expenses incurred or increasing the prize fund.

Other Benefits

The Core athletes will be the face of the league once the season starts. This will enable Core athletes to create a brand for themselves and use the CTFL as a platform. As they will be competing in CTFL meets, they will be recorded by a team of videographers who will be present at all CTFL meets.