Core & Utility Athletes

Roster sizes

Each team will have a total of 70 athletes with the objective being 60 core athletes and 10 utility athletes. However, in the case of a utility athlete switching to a core athlete, teams can have a maximum of 65 core athletes with the remaining 5 positions being left for utility athletes. A team can at most have 10 utility athletes.

Core Athletes

Core athletes are those that makeup the majority of the CTFL. Each team will have a set core athlete positions that are required to partake in at least one preliminary event and the championship if qualified. We urge that if athletes can meet this requirement, that they register as "Core" athletes as they will be the featured CTFL athletes and will be eligible for the greatest amount of cash prizes.

Core Athletes Requirement

  1. Being able to participate in at least one preliminary meet and the championship meet
  2. Being able to participate in at least three meets in total throughout the season (a minimum of one CTFL Prelim, the CTFL Final and another meet whether it be a prelim or non prelim meet)

Core Athletes are required to participate in at least one of the five designated preliminary meets as well as the championship meet to be held in Ottawa on July 6th. In addition, the athlete must compete in at least three meets throughout their season (1 CTFL prelim, a free meet and the CTFL championship) in their chosen event prior to the championship meet on July 6th. An example of the minimum requirement is; an athlete competes in one designated CTFL preliminary meet and then competes in one other meet recognized by their provincial athletics organization, and then participates the championship. If an athlete is unable to meet these requirements, we ask that they do not enter the CTFL's prospect pool as a core athlete. 

Should an athlete be drafted to a CTFL team and fails to meet the requirements as listed above barring any injury or national team selection, they will be prohibited from competing with the league in the future. However, there are some exceptions if the athlete must drop out of the CTFL due to extenuating circumstances such as injury, partaking in a national team event coinciding with the championship date, etc. Non-valid reasons include scheduling conflicts, lack of funds or need to travel as this should have been considered prior to registration. If the athlete has decided to compete in the CTFL as a core athlete and fails to meet the required meets, they are taking someone's spot as well as hurting the leagues ability to put on meaningful meets.

In the case of an athlete needing to drop out during the season for whatever reason, the CTFL will keep a pool of 4 reserve athletes for each event. The reserve athletes will be formed from those who go undrafted once the entry draft is complete. If replaced, reserve athletes will earn points just as those who they are replacing would, with their points being counted towards their assigned teams total.  

Utility Athletes

There will be 40 Utility athletes during the 2023 CTFL season. Each team will have 10 utility athletes that count towards the teams total points. Utility athletes may register in any track and field event, even if it is not any of the 10 official CTFL events. These spots are meant for athletes that are unable to meet the requirements set out for the "Core" athletes. Reasons for registering as a utility athlete would be due to the inability to make it to the required meets due to logistical constraints or if you plan on making a national team that would cause you to miss the required meets. As there are only 10 spots available per team, we expect that these positions will be more competitive come the draft.

Utility Athletes Requirement

  1. Participate in three meets before July 1st

Utility athletes must compete in a minimum of three meets before the July 6th championship in their primary event. These athletes top three marks will be included in their total points. Utility athletes are not required to attend any CTFL meets, however if they do, they are still eligible to receive bonus points towards their total. Just as with Core athletes, if a Utility athlete is injured, a reserve athlete will take their place for the remainder of the season. 

Utility Athletes will register the same way Core athletes will and will be drafted from the prospect pool.