Mission & Overview

Mission and Goals

The CTFL's mission is to improve the track and field landscape within Canada for all athletes, coaches, clubs and fans. The league has two primary goals. The first is to bring more content to fans and help build the sport of track and field in Canada. Our second goal is to help athletes financially by providing them with a platform for them to use and build their own brand.

The creation of a track and field league will allow Canadians to follow the sport in a more convenient way than ever before using a team-based format. This format will help fans follow their favorite teams and athletes throughout their season and career. Within the league, every athlete's contribution is of equal importance to their team's success which will compel fans to keep up with all disciplines and genders.

Overview of the League Structure

The CTFL will create a league composed of four teams. Each team will have three athletes per event and gender known as "Core Athletes". Therefore there will be 60 core athlete positions available. In addition, teams will be given 10 utility spots which they can use to acquire any athlete without the majority of the league’s restrictions. Thus, a full team will be composed of 70 athletes in total. 

Athletes will be asked to enter a pool of potential candidates from which they will be selected using an entry draft. It is important to note that the league will not be registered as a club, allowing athletes to train with their individual coaches and compete as they would normally (excluding the pre-designated prelim and championship meet).

Currently, athletes will have the opportunity to compete for their primary event of which there will be ten, including: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 5000m, Sprint Hurdles, 400m hurdles, Shot Put and Long Jump. In the coming seasons, more events will be added and with it, the league will expand. 

The league will present six total meets, with five preliminary meets and a championship where spectators will have the opportunity to attend. All meetings will be recorded and put on YouTube for spectators.

More information can be found regarding the league schedule, format and regulations under the tab League Format.