Season Schedule

2024 Season Schedule

The CTFL will have its prelims in Montreal, London, Guelph, Ottawa and Calgary. More information will be added throughout the season as the event schedules are released. The dates and locations are as follows including the links to each events main page which will be added as the season progresses:

  • May 18th - Soirée Sélect #1 In Montreal, hosted by Saint-Laurent Select
  • May 26th - Bob Vigars - In London Ontario, hosted by the London Western Track and Field Club
  • June 4th - Guelph Inferno - In Guelph, hosted by Royal City Athletics
  • June 12th - Twilight #2 - In Ottawa, hosted by the Ottawa Lions
  • June 16th - CALTAF Classic - In Calgary, hosted by CALTAF
  • July 6th - CTFL Championship - in Ottawa