Core Athlete

Core Athlete Overview

Core athletes are those that makeup the majority of the CTFL. Each team will have a minimum 24 (and a maximum of 25 athletes due to the number of total athletes) core athletes that are required to partake in at least one preliminary event and the championship. We urge that if athletes can meet this requirement, that they register as "Core" athletes as they will be the featured CTFL athletes and will be eligible for the greatest amount of cash prizes.

Season Requirements

Core Athletes are required to participate in at least one of the three designated preliminary meets as well as the championship meet to be held in Ottawa on July 20th. In addition, the athlete must compete in at least four meets for their chosen event up to an including the championship meet on July 20th. An example of the minimum requirement is; an athlete competes in one designated CTFL preliminary meet and then competes in two other meets recognized by their provincial athletics organization, and then participates the championship. If an athlete is unable to meet these requirements, we ask that they do not enter the CTFL's prospect pool. 

Should an athlete be drafted to a CTFL team and fails to meet the requirements as listed above, they will be prohibited from competing with the league indefinitely. However, there are some exceptions if the athlete must drop out of the CTFL due to extenuating circumstances such as injury, partaking in a national team event coinciding with the championship date, etc.

In the case of an athlete needing to drop out during the season for whatever reason, the CTFL will keep a pool of reserve athletes for each event. The reserve athlete pool will be formed from those who go undrafted once the entry draft is complete. Reserve athletes will earn points just as those who they are replacing would, with their points being counted towards their assigned teams total.  

Core Athlete's Benefits

The Core athletes will be the face of the league once the season starts. This will enable Core athletes to create a brand for themselves and use the CTFL as a platform. These athletes will be eligible for the majority of the prize money which currently sits at $7,900. As they will be competing in CTFL meets, they will be recorded by a team of videographers who will be present at all CTFL meets. In addition, Core athletes will have the opportunity to stay within the CTFL for the 2023 season without needing to be drafted next season.

Prize Funding

The total prize fund will be $7,900. These funds will be distributed in two ways for core athletes:

    • Top 3 individiual core athletes per event and gender
      • 1st = $250
      • 2nd = $100
      • 3rd = $50
    • The championship team will win $1,000 to be distributed equally amongst its member

    For core athletes, in order to be eligible for your full prize winnings, you must fulfill all the requirements (compete at one prelim and the championship at minimum). Any failure to do so will result in your individual prize funding being reduced by 50%. For example, if you are a core CTFL athlete and finish 2nd but you only make it to the championship (therefore not attending any prelim meet), your individual prize winnings will be reduced from $100 to $50. This rule does not apply to the team winnings.