Utility Athlete

Utility Athlete Overview

There will be 29 Utility athletes during the 2022 CTFL season. Each team will have between 7-8 (One will have 8 utility athletes due to having one less core athlete) utility spots per team with these athletes being able to compete in any one of the 8 official CTFL events. The Utility athlete position are meant for athletes that are unable to meet the requirements set out for the "Core" athletes. Reasons for registering as a utility athlete would be due to the inability to make it to the required meets due to logistical constraints or if you plan on making a national team that would cause you to miss the required meets. As there are only 6 spots available per team, we expect that these positions will be more competitive come the draft.

Season Requirements

To become a Utility athlete you must have hit the standard posted on the athlete information page within the 2020 or 2021 outdoor seasons and be a registered member of any Canadian provincial track and field organization. Utility athletes must compete in a minimum of four meets before the July 20th championship in their primary event. These athletes top four marks prior to that date will be included in their total points. Utility athletes are not required to attend any CTFL meets, however if they do, they are still eligible to receive bonus points towards their total (this includes National Track and Field Tour meets as well). Just as with Core athletes, if a Utility athlete is injured, a reserve athlete will take their place for the remainder of the season with no penalties given. Utility athletes are also not required to wear any team singlet during any point of the season. As such there is no additional cost at all to becoming a Utility Athlete.

Utility Athletes will register in the same manner as Core athletes and will be drafted from the prospect pool. 

Utility Athlete's Benefits

Drafted Utility athletes will have the option to continue with the league next year either as Utility athletes or upon expansion will be asked to join as a Core athlete. These athletes will still contribute to their teams overall standings and will be eligible for both the team prize fund and the individual prize fund depending on their finishing position amongst other utility athletes.

For athletes specifically from the West and East coasts of Canada, the Utility athlete position enables you to join the CTFL early and be a part of the evolution of the sport.