Day in the Life of Alec Purnell - Reigning 1500m Champion

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Day in the Life of Alec Purnell - Reigning 1500m Champion

Meet Alec Purnell, a Canadian track and field athlete and two-time CTFL 1500m Champion. Alec's journey is not just about running fast but also about living life to the fullest. Join us as we dive into a day in Alec's life.

Morning Routine: Fuelling for Success

Alec's day started with a trip to Runner's Choice Waterloo, a running store that sponsors the CTFL. Picking up his race packet for a 5K road race, Alec jokes about trashing the place for a shout-out, showing his playful side. But behind the humor lies a disciplined athlete who understands the importance of nutrition. Carb-loading is key, with pasta, lasagna, and pizza among his favorites to fuel his rigorous training schedule before race day.

Training Session: Pushing the Limits

With training still heavy, Alec heads out for his workout. From activation drills to tempo runs, his dedication is evident. On this day before his race, he does a normal warm up with 3x 1-minute tempos, followed by some strides in his racing shoes, and a cool down. Even a BMX park becomes a training ground as Alec pushes himself to excel, always striving to outdo his previous best.

Life Beyond the Track: Pursuing Passions

But Alec's ambitions extend beyond running. While applying for Master's programs in Psychotherapy (where he recently shared his acceptance at McMaster University), he shares his love for cooking, browsing recipes for inspiration. A trip to Walmart for pasta ingredients reveals his down-to-earth nature as he navigates his way through the aisles, planning a delicious meal for the evening.

Unzipped Tracks and Future Aspirations

Back at home, Alec sheds light on his iconic unzipped tracksuit, debunking rumors and embracing it as his signature style. As he discusses the future of the Huskies and potential additions to the team, it's clear that Alec is not just focused on his own success but also on lifting his teammates to greater heights.

Dreams on the Horizon

As Alec savours his pasta creation, he reflects on his aspirations. With eyes set on a professional running career and dreams of representing his country on the national team, Alec's journey is one of determination and passion. And as he expresses gratitude to his sponsors and fans, it's evident that Alec Purnell is not just a champion on the track but also in life.

Final Thoughts

A day in Alec Purnell's life is a testament to the dedication, passion, and humility of a true champion. From early morning runs and 140km weeks, on top of full-time work, Alec's journey is one of balance, ambition, and unwavering determination. As he continues to chase his dreams, we'll be cheering him on every step of the way.


This blog post captures Alec Purnell’s story, highlighting his athleticism, personality, and aspirations, as seen in the "Day in the Life" video on the CTFL YouTube channel.